Conditions of Sale



The deposit for reserving a TANDEM jump is €70 for all cases.
If there is a promotion, the discount will be applied when paying the reservation balance at our offices. When the reservation is formalised, the client will be contacted via email or telephone. Only one promotion or discount is accepted per single jump. Promotions and/or discounts ONLY apply to the TDM WEEKEND.


The choice of photo and/or video is individual.
The reservation time is the time of arrival at our facilities.
The activity lasts approximately three and a half hours. This implies that once at the aerodrome, if due to any weather or technical problems which may cause an operational delay, the customer may experience the maximum waiting time to make their jump. Please ensure you plan for sufficient time to enjoy the experience.
To confirm the reservation, you need to make the specified deposit payment using a card (on this website) or through transfer or deposit into the account specified below.

Payment by Transfer

If you choose the “transfer/bank deposit” payment method, the reservation will be saved for 48 hours. If after this time we have not received the corresponding proof of payment, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. The customer must send proof of payment by email to
Details for the transfer are:
Owner: Club Paracaigudisme Barcelona-Bages.
BBVA 0182 1373 6002 0305 9814
IBAN / BIC: ES90 0182 1373 6002 0305 9814
Concept: TDM, Name and Order No.


The organisation reserves the right to cancel the jump due to force majeure conditions or circumstances beyond their control (such as lack of available airspace for the reservation, weather conditions which impede the operational safety, etc.)
It is the organisation which, on the day of the jump, determines if the weather conditions are optimal and safe to carry out the activity.
If this is the case, the organisation will proceed to refund the total amount paid or change the date, whichever the client prefers.


The deposit for the reservation of a jump is ONLY refundable:

  • If the client cancels the reservation before the time limit for changes:
    • From 1 to 3 people: 1 week in advance
    • From 4 to 10 people: 2 weeks in advance
    • For groups of 10 or more people, read below in the section “For group bookings”
  • In the event that the activity cannot be carried out due to bad weather conditions or for technical reasons.

In any other case, no change of date or cancellation will be permitted and the deposit will be lost.
If on the day of the jump, without duly justified cause the customer does not arrive at our facilities and does not give us prior notice, THEY WILL FORFEIT THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID.


The gift pack is VALID for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. This means that the jump must be made at a maximum of one year after the payment date. Once this period expires, the Gift Pack is considered to have EXPIRED.
Within the pack’s valid period, you can request an extension of its validity for an additional 2 months by paying €70 (total validity 14 months) or 4 more months by paying €90 (validity total of 16 months). The VALIDITY for the PROMOTIONAL GIFT PACKS will be 3 MONTHS (90 days) from the date of purchase. Within this validity period, you may request the extension of said validity by paying the discount applied at the time of purchase.
The gift pack is “for the bearer”. It can be used by whoever has it, since there is no name attached to it. The code must be provided at the time of booking.
It is the responsibility of the gift pack beneficiary to phone to make a booking with sufficient time in advance (not less than one month and subject to availability).
Like a reservation, the gift pack allows for date changes with a minimum of one week in advance of the jump day.


If there are several tandems booked for the same name, they will be grouped according to activity and internal organisation, ensuring only that each person will be accompanied by at least another person from their group.
All must make the deposit payment of €70 on this website by bank transfer/deposit or credit card.
Please contact the office to find out about the group offers available.


Payment and deposit of 50% of the total amount for the jumps by bank transfer 2 weeks before the activity.
Cancellation or no-show will mean that the full payment and deposit are lost!
For groups of 10 to 19 tdm there is a discount of 5% on the TDM Weekend price.
For groups of 20 or more, there is a 7% discount on the TDM Weekend price.
In all cases the discounts are on the TDM Weekend price cannot be used with other discounts.


  • People that are jumping must always bring identification.
  • For children under 18, the minimum weight is 35kg and the minimum height is 1.20 metres. Authorisation is required from the parents (legal guardians) of the minor, as is the presence of at least one parent on the day of the jump. Both parents’ authorisation or documentation proving parental rights will be required for cases in which there is only one
    parent (judicial resolution for cases of parents whose whereabouts are unknown). For parents accompanying the child, we will need them to sign the registration form and provide both their identification and the child’s identification. For parents who cannot attend on the day of the jump, it is essential to provide handwritten authorisation for the child to make the jump in tandem, along with a photocopy of their ID.
    In any case, both the child and the parents present must submit their ID or passport and Family Book on the day of the activity.
  • To jump you need to be in a normal physical condition. Some diseases or specific problems require a medical certificate authorising the jump and other diseases do not allow it to be carried out (Any doubt you may have about a specific disease or problem should be discussed with a doctor).
  • Those over 65 years old must present a medical certificate which expressly authorises the jump. People with mental disabilities or who do not have mobility in their legs will not be able to jump.
  • The tandem passenger cannot weigh more than 100 kg fully clothed.
  • The liability insurance for the activity DOES NOT ALLOW the passenger in tandem to carry any item which may come loose during the jump, especially in the free fall phase. This includes watches, posters, flags, cameras, etc.
  • It is important not to consume alcohol or other drugs before the jump.

Thank you for counting on us and see you soon!


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