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Measures against COVID-19

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In view of the new situation caused by COVID19, Saltamos has taken the appropriate measures required by the so-called new normality, in accordance with the requirements required by the health authorities.

To carry out this task, different departments of the company have been responsible for preparing and implementing the necessary protocols of action to ensure health security in the performance of the work activity of the workers of the company.

  • The main measures carried out are:
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of installations and vehicles.
  • Adaptation of building access control devices to prevent fingerprint contact.
  • Installation of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and arrangement of frontal
    thermometers to take body temperature.
  • Placement of signage on walls and floors to remember the mandatory use of
    masks, maintenance of the safety distance or indicate the direction in which people should circulate as well as posters indicating how to correctly make gestures regarding the use of masks or proper hand hygiene.
  • Installation of methacrylate screens to protect the jobs that required it.
  • Restricted access to office common areas.
  • Use of the latest disinfection technology.


By adopting these measures SALTAMOS respond to the care and needs of the people who are part of the organization and those who use our services.

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